House and project management

The process of construction is always connected with seeking solutions of problems both usual and additional, which cannot be foreseen. Especially in a foreign country where it is important to be familiar with the process itself and its hidden pitfalls, as well as the local customs, laws and language.
Language barriers can compound matters significantly. All this costs you, the buyer, time and money.
Refurbishing, rebuilding and property decoration are often extremely lengthy processes. Unexpected complications arise and costs can spiral way beyond the anticipated final price.
Our knowledge and experience in project and construction management will protect your best interests, and we can save you time and money by ensuring the project is handled the right way from the start, with no down time or mistakes.
A wide range of services offered by our company in investment and construction projects include:

  • Monitoring and careful selection of plots that are the best options for our clients; legal and technical audit of potential construction sites.
  • Administrating technical work for our customers; executing a complete set of architectural and planning documentation of title and permits issued by municipal authorities.
  • Organizing the project development of architectural concept and landscape design; management of architectural process and engineering design.
  • Integrated management of the project during the construction phase, including: tendering for the general contractor and/or the general designer, acquisition of specialized contractors and the conclusion of the relevant contracts; general organization of day-to-day interface, solution of internal production problems; conducting technical and operational supervision of construction, as well as the monitoring and quality control of materials.
  • Management of the project financial flow; organization and management of the financial statements.

House and project management House and project management House and project management